GameChangers Updates

Residence 2 Underway

Amazing things happening at GameChangers.   Our first house is full and we have a waiting list of around 10 guys.  We need to make more room

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The House is Full

Morning all GC supporters and influencers. Just wanted to send you some encouragement this morning with some pictures of what God is doing at GameChangers.   The

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New Director Rob Lane

We are so Blessed at GameChangers to update you on our new director.Rob Lane moved from Delaware 20 years ago as a missionary.  He has

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Thanksgiving 2020

Hope this season finds you well.  We are so Blessed to be able to share this news and progress with you.  We thank you for

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Become a GameChanger

We invite you to join us in this continuing journey. Any contribution, either spiritual or financial, is cherished and helps us get one step closer to achieving our mission of uplifting men, rooted in recovery. Thank you for your time, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.