Thanksgiving 2020

Hope this season finds you well.  We are so Blessed to be able to share this news and progress with you.  We thank you for all the love and support in this mission.

There are so many things the Lord is doing at GameChangers at the moment.

We are set to open the doors for our first seven disciples in the program on January 1, 2021.

We have brought a committed director in Rob Lane on as off last week.  

The pond has been enlarged.

The house renovations are 99% completed. 

The tree nursery is being prepped as we speak.

We are scheduling a ribbon cutting and grand opening in December.  We will update you on the date in case you want to attend.

We will start building the Farm Headquarters first part of 2021.

If any questions please let us know.

Please enjoy a few pictures of progress and we will bring you more frequent updates in the weeks to come.