GameChangers Year End 2021

Merry Christmas

The prayer garden at GC is almost completely finished.  Even my son Liam knows the importance of prayer and being reverent to God.  See picture of this beautiful space at sunrise.  We need to finish the plaques for each stepwork station and mulch paths and it’s ready to use.

Did you know that you can use a QCD in order to help GameChangers fulfill its mission?  Most people are not aware of this avenue.    Due to current tax laws, many people are still making charitable donations like they always have and then not getting a penny of credit for it because they are then using the standard deduction on their tax return (as opposed to an itemized deduction where they list their contributions). 

Here is a link you can read over to help in your year end giving.

Qualified Charitable Distributions: What They Are and How They Work (

Thanks so much.  In Jesus Name.