Training Center Finally Underway

Seeing GOD Glory and Omnipresence.

After waiting 9 months for the training center building we finally got underway this week.  On wednesday the installer called me and wanted me to come out and meet with him about some of the window frame outs.   I had never met him before.

I noticed these guys came all the way from Texas to do this and he introduced himself and he said his name was Jesus.  I didn’ think of anything of it and we still began to work out the project.  His main helper came over to listen and introduced himself.   His name is Moses.   I’m like you guys are kidding me I got Jesus and Moses on my job? UNREAL.   The Lord keeps surprising me on how big and infinite he really is.

See pictures below of Jesus and Moses work.  This training center is going to sharpen the men to GameChangers in society and in their homes.