Our Mission

To provide spiritual environments and experiences in Christ that bring recovery in the hearts, minds, and souls of those struggling with substance abuse.

The Vision for GameChangers

GameChangers will be a wooded refuge with three distinct ministry facilities, the Recovery Center, the Training Center, and Retreat Center, for people looking for Christ – centered healing and growth.

Our Founder

GameChangers was founded by William H. Dalzell III, who lives in North Augusta, South Carolina, with his wife and four children. He treasures spending time with his family and enjoys playing golf, soccer, exercising, and helping others. He is a business owner who provides leadership in the community through his generosity and service.

Will’s heart for GameChangers is rooted in his own battles with alcohol, drugs, and struggling marriage. In 2007, Will found himself in a small jail cell with an impending two-year sentence, covered in needle marks and shrouded with a deep sense of hopelessness.

Through God’s grace, Will surrendered himself and found hope in a new relationship with the Lord through an in-resident rehabilitation program. Will Dalzell has been free from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco since June 11, 2007.

Our Story

After his own healing, Will Dalzell felt called to serve his brothers who are in search of a similar life-altering recovery rooted in faith. On Easter of 2017, a vision for this very calling was put in Will’s heart. For two years, he wrestled with embracing this new mission he believed the Lord placed before him and, in the spirit of surrendering, sat down and began drawing the master plan. 

Will envisioned a wooded refuge where men struggling with addiction can come together to learn a trade, receive counseling, and heal within an uplifting and tranquil environment. The property would also feature a short-term retreat center for other faith-based initiatives such as marriage counseling and celebrations.

On Easter of 2019, a property he thought would serve as the location for his vision suddenly fell through, and as Will drove home frustrated and confused, he came across a “for sale” sign down the road. As God would have it, the property for sale mirrored the original vision that He placed on his heart two years prior – including the 3 ponds Will drew in his original master plan!

Our Progress

The GameChangers property was secured in 2019 along with 501c3 non-profit status. In 2020 we accepted and graduated our inaugural group of men, cleared and planted 15 acres for the nursery tree farm, and made plans for the retreat and training centers.

In 2021 we completed initial renovations on the former home on the property for it’s use as our long-term recovery center. The training center was completed in 2022 and the first group of trainees will go through the new program in spring of 2023.

Follow along on our updates page for more information on our progress.

The Master Plan

Our master plan, created by Will Dalzell. While some aspects have changed and we haven’t always been able to move as quickly as we’d like, GameChangers is still steadily moving towards this long-term vision.

Become Part of the Plan​

Our goal for GameChangers, while audacious, is going to change countless lives. Join our mission and contribute towards the realization of our master plan. All forms of giving are welcome and appreciated.

Our Team

Will Dalzell

Founder & President

Rusty Bethune

Vice President & Relationship Developer

Clifton Nobles

Program Director

Clifton Nobles, founder of 143 Ministries International, is also the Lead Pastor of The River, a church located in Augusta, Ga. Clifton has been a pillar of the recovery community for a number of years, having opened Katherine’s Way in 2018 and then launching Immanuel House in 2019, Cliff serves as Program Director for the men’s treatment program at GameChangers.

Chris Dalzell

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Duckworth


Emily Dalzell


James Armstrong

Board Member

Scott Cooper

Board Member

Patrick Murphy

Board Member

Philip Scarborough

Board Member

Become a GameChanger

We invite you to join us in this continuing journey. Any contribution, either spiritual or financial, is cherished and helps us get one step closer to achieving our mission of uplifting men, rooted in recovery. Thank you for your time, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.