Jack Holley Celebration of Life

At GameChangers, our program treats the entire man and is a holistic approach to sobriety and freedom. We want to give the tools so God can heal the body, soul, mind and spirit of these men struggling with substance abuse.

Saturday we laid one of my childhood best friends and roommate to rest. Jack passed away last Monday due to his addiction and having to try it one more time. This is why we do what we do at GameChangers. So these men can grow into God has called them to be, not end in this manner. Jack was 44 years old and had his whole life ahead of him. He leaves his two orphan twin sons that are 13 to be raised fatherless. Jack, we love you and will miss you. We will use your loss and motivation to dive in deeper with these men and bring on healing.

Mr Rusty had these facts about addiction and a short word on how this loss affects everyone around them.

That is heartbreaking. I know your heart fell to your feet. At 44 he still had his whole life ahead of him. Sad. Looking at his obituary, I think about his family, that must be in grief and wondering why? What else could we have done? How could it come to this? When one person dies from addiction it’s like a pebble thrown in a pond, it has a ripple effect on so many other people.

You are right, yes addiction wrecks people’s lives but it is also a killer. We are fighting to keep men alive until a Holy God will cause a spiritual awakening in the life of an addict. Then they have a fighting chance. When Jesus becomes your master and no longer drugs or alcohol or whatever stronghold has you in a vise. Then you have the power to overcome it. It is a deadly game. The GC program can step in and stop the madness b4 it is too late. I am familiar with death/addiction. Numbers tell the story 93k Americans died from OD last year compared to 40k from car wrecks and 14k from homicide. It’s an epidemic. It’s a fight worth engaging….GC.